How to choose friends who stick like Velcro

“When God pulls us into a vertical relationship with himself, He also draws us into a horizontal relationship with other believers.” Ellen Vaughn 

Ultimately when we reach the peak of the mountain of the Lord, we reach it alone; in the meantime, we need traveling companions. Sisters who will stick like velcro. Faithful women to hold our arms up in prayer and support us when we’re weak. To rally around us when it seems like the full forces of hell come against us.

If you’ve read the past few posts, you know I’m simply making an analogy between the mountainous obstacles we face on our earthly journey towards heaven and actually ascending a lofty mountain. There are different types of mountains and varying climbing experiences. We talked about it in this post.

There’s the excitement of a mountainous goal to which you feel called and the paralysis of realizing what it’s going to take. Maybe you’re halfway up the rock face, clinging for dear life, afraid to look down and the top is covered in fog. Sometimes you’re at the summit celebrating.

Picture yourself in any or all of those situations. Then ask yourself this question:

Who do you want by your side?

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My List of 7 Must Have Provisions to “Surthrive” the Future

“Climbing is all about taking responsibility for your own climb. Others will help you but personal preparation is at the heart of climbing and overcoming adversity successfully.” Alison Levine

Honestly, I thought that by the time I reached this stage of life I’d be strolling down Easy Street, not facing a mountain range trying to figure out if I have what it takes to make it to the top! Have you ever felt unprepared and under-provisioned for the future?

Last week we talked about the different types of mountains we encounter on our journey towards home and how packing the right provisions can make the difference between success and failure. 

PROVISION comes from the Latin providere “look ahead, prepare, supply, act with foresight.” It carries the sense of seeing into the future. None of us can see into the future but we can sneak a peek into each other’s backpacks! Want to see what’s in mine?

(Remember He told me to pack light!)

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How to pack for the future

Packing light

I hate to pack for a trip because I can never decide what to bring. Less is more? Not me. I’m a more is more kinda’ gal. Never once has my suitcase ever looked like this.

It’s a “what if” problem.”

What if:

  • The weather changes?
  • AC goes out or blows on my neck and I didn’t bring a sweater.
  • I bring dresses and they’re all wearing capris? Or I dress casual and they’re dressed to the 9’s.
  • When I wake up I’m not in the mood to wear what I packed.
  • I spill something on my blouse.

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My secret anti-aging discovery

It’s not that I’m ANTI-anti-aging products; I just haven’t found many that deliver on their promises. And how come she still looks good but when I use a charcoal mask I look like a gorilla?

Facial masks - what are we hiding?

The Anti-Aging industry is replete with advertisements containing Re-words; ads offering hope that you really can turn back the clock (just click here and enter your VISA#)

The promises these products make are seductive, aren’t they?

  • Repair your wrinkles
  • Restore your youthful looks
  • Reduce your age spots

Remember what the prefix “Re-” means? Again… back… once more.

Oh, to have that dewy fresh complexion again, to have my collagen back, to once more experience the glow of youth. Sigh.

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Depression and How I Dismantled It

“The opposite of depression isn’t happiness; it’s vitality.” 

the opposite of depression isn't happiness, it's vitaity

Depression used to drain the life out of me. 

Four years ago, on May 12, 2014, my life radically changed, but the seeds for that change were sown in January 2013. Here’s a partial journal entry from that day:

  • Decimating mountains of fear
  • Obliterating depression
  • Pulverizing despair
  • Dismantling lack
  • Annihilating anxiety
  • Building hope muscles
  • Training my mind to think positive thoughts
  • Rebuking the victim mentality
  • Shaking off discouragement
  • Stomping on old habits
  • Parting ways with the pity party
  • Stepping out into the future.
  • Lack is not part of my vocabulary
  • Stressed is not in my thesaurus
  • Blessed is how I describe myself

I am rich: rich in favor, finances, in spiritual wisdom, in relationships, in all my endeavors.


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