Twenty years ago, a friend spoke a word over me from Psalm 45, verse one:

 “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”

At the time, the only obvious connection in my life was the fact that I had written some worship songs for a CD my husband and I had produced.  Ten years ago, as I began to seriously pursue writing as a career, opportunities arose for me to do public speaking as well. I experienced a comfort level that surprised me, and then while reading in Matthew, a verse nearly leapt off the page of my Bible:

“What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.”

I’ve been proclaiming ever since!

As a speaker and speaker trainer for the women’s outreach ministry, Stonecroft International, I have shared my testimony, Leaving the Safety and Security of Your Shell, throughout the mid-south region and elsewhere, and have seen many come to Christ. The message is one all women can relate to: the three “S” words…Safety. Security. Shelter. The presentation is suitable for women’s gatherings, multiple day retreats, etc.

  • Presents her own journey of being in her shell and then sticking out her neck, from captivity to freedom; like the turtle, it was slow
  • Demonstrates how prevalent the theme of isolating and shutting down is in women of all ages
  • Talks about being shell-shocked from financial disaster, dealing with her teenage children (drug abuse, teenage pregnancy), marital difficulties and the constant battle of worrying about the future
  • Explains how withdrawing into our shells is exactly what the enemy wants us to do, what that looked like for her and what that might look like for the reader
  • Explains how for her, the turtle became a symbol of choices: advance or retreat, connect or disconnect, show courage or fear, worship or whine
  • Introduces the reader to the One who invited her to leave the false safety and security of her shell and find true safety and security
  • Relates how she found the best hiding place of all: His Presence!
  • Relays to the reader the life lessons she learned from observing the turtle: the importance of rest, of regularly examining her shell/heart (prayer), the need for women to help others who are struggling to escape their own shells

Other speaking topics include:

Dismantling Depression by Putting on the Garments of Praise… a one day retreat

Dressing for Spiritual Success: multiple session retreat

  • Flourishing… the 4 F’s
  • Looking in the Mirror
  • Building a Spiritual Wardrobe
  • Packing for the Journey Ahead

Holidazed…how to slow down, spend less and restore sanity to the holidays!


  • Living in a State of Readiness
  • It’s More Than Setting a Nice Table!



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