In leafing through some of my old journals last night, I came across a poem I’d written for my other blog, http://www.turtlemuse.com. I really like this poem, but for some reason, never published it. It’s about not being seen, which fits right in with yesterday’s post http://thesharedtable.com/have-you-ever-been-the-stranger/.

Here’s what it’s like to be a stranger, from the turtle’s point of view:


I see them scurry past me

watch their hustling, huffing selves

They don’t see me

never acknowledge that I’m a fellow sojourner

more like something to step around

a landmark to pass on their

relentless journey to where

My pace is slower

so slow I lose track of my destination

You don’t see me

but I see you

I’d love to keep up with you 

I’m just not made that way

But if you should stumble or fall by the wayside

I’ll happen upon you eventually

and you will be glad to see me then

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