Who Are You? i really want to know you

Are you my reader?

When I launched this blog, I wanted to “share my table” with as many hungry readers as possible so I did a lot of studying on how to create a successful blog.  One piece of advice that blogging experts are united on is the importance of knowing your audience. You have to ask yourself this question: Who is my reader?

Keep that person in your mind and write each post as if it were a personal message to them. If you write for yourself, you will be your biggest fan, but you won’t have many followers. Since this blog is called The Shared Table, I decided to turn the tables and ask all of you who have stumbled on or been directed every so subtly to my blog:  Are you my reader?

 You’re my reader if you:

  • are tired of living in your shell; it feels safe in there but after awhile, it begins to stink.
  • want to open your home but are waiting until: the kids get older, you have a bigger place, you have more time, more money, become a better cook.
  • would rather share life than share the juiciest gossip.
  • want to but fear reaching out to others.
  • realize you’re supposed to “love strangers’ but don’t know any.
  • you value relationships and community more than commerce and productivity.
  • want to get over your perfectionist tendencies about hospitality.
  • think there must be more to hospitality than napkin folding and appetizers.
  • need encouragement and skills to impact your community with the love of Christ.
  • want to be more available.
  • sense that something spiritual takes place when you share your table.
  • long to be at home with God, with your neighbors and with yourself.
  • are interested in discovering the real meaning of hospitality


Have you ever thought about inviting someone to your home for a meal, but didn’t act on it? Next time, take a minute and think about how you feel when YOU receive an invitation: Excited? Wanted? Accepted?

When God invites us to his banqueting table, he offers a feast that feeds our hungry hearts and makes us long for more. Do you know anyone with a hungry heart who would be thrilled to be invited to your table? Don’t wait, don’t hesitate – issue the invitation, and focus on feeding their hearts. 

Isaiah 55:2 “Listen carefully to me and eat what is good, and delight yourself in abundance.”

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, Please share.

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