God With US

I am in awe this Christmas season as I consider Jesus, who born in such humble circumstances accomplished so much in so short a life. I am struck by how limited are our ideas of “Success.” How without a web site or a blog or even a fax,  he impacted forever His world and ours. A humble King…what a concept.

God with US

Another baby born that night, just one tiny infant, who as a man,

Would turn the temple tables upside down

Turn the world upside down

His simple message transforming the souls of men

Servant-healer, story-teller, truth-speaker

His words piercing hearts

Like the sword that would penetrate his side

He foresaw the suffering

Yet embraced it for love

His name was called “Emmanuel” – God with US

All of us, cynical and burdened, calloused and hard

Unloving and unlovable, his love reaching

Into the hearts of men

Softening, massaging

Kneading a hunger into the jaded palate of all

Preparing us to acknowledge and receive His sacrifice

by Susan Ely


Which came first – giving or receiving? 

It’s more blessed to give than to receive, but first we have to receive. In order to receive we must believe that God gave his only son for us. We demonstrate our belief when we give our hearts to Jesus, and receive his gift of salvation. Then he promises to give us the gift of his Holy Spirit. When we receive his gift, we become like a child again,  jumping up and down with excitement. We give him praise!

Christmas brings out the child in us!

















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