Christmas Present


Things I’ve learned from Christmas Present:

I’m too old to sit on the floor and wrap presents.

I’m perfectly happy to let my daughter “DO” Christmas this year.

Giving away a personal treasure to bless someone else is totally different from “re-gifting.”

Shrimp and Grits is (are?) the perfect Christmas Eve dinner.

Don’t forget to turn off your car lights – unless you really WANT to give your automobile the gift of a new battery.

Be careful not to let the broom handle knock a sharp, heavy wall decoration down on your head. Ow.

Children and grandchildren make it all worthwhile.

I do not like a Acapella Christmas CD’s.

If I’m careful, I might be able to make this last roll of my mom’s Christmas wrapping paper last another year.

……Miss you, mom……

If you let them, unrealistic expectations can really mess you up this time of year. Don’t go there.

Not everyone likes to play word games. Or maybe they’re just tired of me beating their pants off every year.

Cherish a man who cuts down trees and saws them into logs for the fire. AND keeps it going all day and night.

It’s not necessary to use every decoration in your arsenal. Nor every cookie recipe.

Embrace your inner Italian.

Stock up on the basics cause you never know when a big snow storm is coming. (Do they have eggs at CVS?)

Being present is the best present of all.

Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful guests who have graced my Shared Table this year!









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