Watercolor is my passion.

It’s also one of my ways of interacting with the world but it wasn’t always so. In fact, I only began to practice watercolors just this past January. As someone whose primary means of communication has always been words, (writing and speaking…. sooo many words ) it happened that around the first of the year (2020) I suddenly began to have less to say. That initially made me nervous, but then I became curious and began to wonder if there was some other form of creativity I might try in the meantime, because surely the words would return, right?

And so I chose the words “curious” and “experiment” as my “words of the year.” I was curious about so many things but it felt like the unopened palette of watercolors I’d bought myself for my birthday three years ago was whistling at me every time I opened the cabinet where I’d stashed them. Photos I saw on Instagram seemed to shout, “Paint me! Paint me!” I started dreaming about colors flowing and splashing into each other. So I began painting simple flowers…


then some silly birds…

Silly birds watercolor


and before I knew it, I found myself watching less nighttime TV and staying up late to paint. I became “curiouser and curiouser” about this amazing art form I’d discovered. When friends began to ask me if my paintings were for sale, I said maaaaybe. Someday. 

Someday came quicker than I thought and it has been thrilling that so many have chosen my art to hang on their walls!


Here are some examples of recent paintings



ABstract landscape original


Original watercolor butterfly


abstract watercolor


Original abstract watercolor floral


Original landscape watercolor


Example of my art, watercolor butterfly


Examples of sold paintings


Floral watercolor


The Gatherer painting


Sunflower Watercolor


abstract lilies watercolor

Sunset at the beach watercolor


Original watercolor mountains


Watercolor of plants in pots


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