What are you waiting for?

I’d waited a long time for an answer to my prayer. It felt like forever. This spring I was sooo ready to move on and it looked like my prayers were finally going to be answered. Somehow our six-month foray into townhouse living had turned into six years and in my mind, seven was the magic number. The SCRIPTURAL number. Surely God would open the door for us to move this summer, if not sooner.


I reeled at the delay. It felt like we were running out of time.

Time keeps on tick, ticking, ticking, into the future.


Last night as I scrolled through Facebook, I noticed a post by a marketing expert I used to follow; this was the caption:

“If you could have one dream come true this year, what would it be?”

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Havoc or Haven? Rethinking Home

Cluttered closet

Havoc? Or Haven? I laugh and then groan when the Lord gives me that title, because when you sit down to write what you think you know, God has this way of making you relive it, aka God’s Refresher Course for writers and would-be know-it-alls.


So, I asked him what to tell you and he said, “Tell them the truth.”

All I could think of was Jack Nicholson’s line in the movie A Few Good Men: “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

I responded, “Lord, if I tell them the truth, they might never read another word I write!”

A half hour later I came across this quote: “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” Maria Rukeyser.

So here we go; if the earth opens up under our feet, it’s not my fault. (Get it – fault?) 

More than anything, I desire my house to be a haven. Over the years, wherever we’ve lived, I’ve walked and prayed over the rooms, asking God to use our home to extend His Kingdom and he has answered those prayers, although not always in the ways I expected.

Unfortunately, even in the most heavenly havens, havoc can strike. We’ve experienced our share: unemployment, sickness, family struggles, a financial crisis. I’ll spare you the details and leave it at this: If we’d just run over the dog it would have made a great country and western song.

You know what I discovered? It’s possible to experience haven even in the midst of havoc. Read more

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