How to finish the year with a flourish

“When you flourish, you become more you.” John Ortberg


As 2018 draws to a close, how will you end it: in fits or with a flourish? Also, how did those New Year’s Resolutions you made last January work out? Will 2019’s list be pretty much the same? Lose the weight, get that business off the ground, write the book, (ahem)…

Do you even remember what your goals were? 

If that made you want to stop reading, I get it, but you can relax; this isn’t a post about how to miraculously cram a year’s worth of goal reaching into the next 30 days. I want to talk to you about what it means to really flourish (it’s different than success, by the way) and how even if you failed miserably on those resolutions you can still end the year with a flourish.

Time keeps on slippin' into the future

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How to pack for the future

Packing light

I hate to pack for a trip because I can never decide what to bring. Less is more? Not me. I’m a more is more kinda’ gal. Never once has my suitcase ever looked like this.

It’s a “what if” problem.”

What if:

  • The weather changes?
  • AC goes out or blows on my neck and I didn’t bring a sweater.
  • I bring dresses and they’re all wearing capris? Or I dress casual and they’re dressed to the 9’s.
  • When I wake up I’m not in the mood to wear what I packed.
  • I spill something on my blouse.

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