The truth about what friends are really for (and why you need them more than you think you do)

I get by with a little help from my friends

Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?

Someone you can call when life caves in on you, who will help you dig out from under the mess? I really DO get by with a little help from my friends. They inspire me. Their stories inspire me. This little story about sea turtles inspires me, too:

I’m not a big animal lover but I am captivated by turtles, especially sea turtles. Sadly, even though I live fairly close to the coast in North Carolina, I’ve never witnessed them hatching, but I’ve read a lot about the nesting process.

Turtles are largely solitary, but there is a group phenomenon that has to do with how the turtles emerge from their shells.

It’s called hatchling frenzy. Once a group of hatchlings escape their eggs they begin to crawl about, climbing and bumping into one another. The ones at the top scratch at the ceiling of the nest and the sand begins to trickle down.

Those on the bottom stomp the sand onto the floor of the nest. As the scratching and stomping continues, the ceiling falls, the floor rises slowly, and like an elevator, the roomful of collaborating hatchlings is carried toward the surface.

Don’t miss the significance of this process; hatchlings make the trek to the safety of the sea in groups of 20-120 individuals. Stragglers are more susceptible to predators and rarely make it to the safety of the sea.


Moral of this story: We Need Each Other!

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How to choose friends who stick like Velcro

“When God pulls us into a vertical relationship with himself, He also draws us into a horizontal relationship with other believers.” Ellen Vaughn 

Ultimately when we reach the peak of the mountain of the Lord, we reach it alone; in the meantime, we need traveling companions. Sisters who will stick like velcro. Faithful women to hold our arms up in prayer and support us when we’re weak. To rally around us when it seems like the full forces of hell come against us.

If you’ve read the past few posts, you know I’m simply making an analogy between the mountainous obstacles we face on our earthly journey towards heaven and actually ascending a lofty mountain. There are different types of mountains and varying climbing experiences. We talked about it in this post.

There’s the excitement of a mountainous goal to which you feel called and the paralysis of realizing what it’s going to take. Maybe you’re halfway up the rock face, clinging for dear life, afraid to look down and the top is covered in fog. Sometimes you’re at the summit celebrating.

Picture yourself in any or all of those situations. Then ask yourself this question:

Who do you want by your side?

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