How to give the PERFECT present

If you’ve ever worked retail at Christmas you know how easy it is to become jaded about gift giving.

When I was newly married, I worked at a small, family-owned drug store and I remember being appalled at the number of men who came in on Christmas Eve and asked ME to pick out something for THEIR wives. Reaally?! Because back in 1972 drug stores weren’t exactly miniature Wal-Marts; Evening in Paris gift sets were about it for a last-minute gift option. Recently I read a statistic which said that 23 million people typically go shopping on Christmas Eve! Hey, I may be a procrastinator but even I don’t do that. 

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My hard-won advice on how to make this the Best. Christmas. Ever.

“Ugh!” I groaned when I read the advertisement for yet another Christmas holiday how-to book, guaranteed to result in the “BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!”

Shaking my head and murmuring to myself, I headed downstairs to spread a little Christmas cheer to my unsuspecting husband.

“Can you believe this?” I fumed. “How To Have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER?!” 

“The pressure the media puts on women: do more, spend moredecorate more, craft more, bake more... Like it’s a competition!  Like any of that has anything to do with Christmas!” (I might have been just a tad over-caffeinated.)

“Um hum,” he mumbled, without looking up from his coffee.

“You know what? I should write a book about how to celebrate a stress-free Christmas. I could do it with my eyes closed!”

“Do it,” he said.

And so I did.

But I should probably back up a minute.

Hi. My name is Susan. I’m a Christmas-aholic. It’s been eight years since my last “stressed out” holiday.

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