Prayers For A Covid Christmas


Covid Christmas


What does your prayer life look like in this covid Christmas season?


Mine could be summed up in three words:


Lord, have mercy


Well, maybe six words, because I often add, “Christ have mercy.” If I’m feeling especially verbose, I might say, “Lord, Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”


Lord, have mercy, what has happened to my ability to pray?

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The art of living in never before times

There’s a lot of advice buzzing around the internet about how to navigate this covid 19 crisis. As a writer, I’ve been encouraged that this is my time, the perfect opportunity to pour forth to the world all of my hard-earned wisdom. To that, I say:


Listen, friends… you already know what to do. You were born for this, although you might just now be realizing that.

The question is, will you accept the challenge? Because, like I always say, you have a choice.

But you already know that, too. Soooo… what should we talk about?

As much as I really. don’t. want. to write about this present crisis, (because who needs to read one more list or opinion?) NOT talking about it feels like avoiding the elephant in the room. Since we can’t avoid the elephant, let’s just feed him a handful of peanuts and hopefully keep him distracted for a few minutes, while I share a few random things I’ve been thinking about.

Here they are, do with them what you will, and don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

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Retreats Aren’t For Wimps

If you know me at all, you might wonder why in the world would a die-hard introvert host her own women’s retreat?

Answer: Introverts need retreats, too. That, and God loves to nudge me out of my comfort zone!

Honestly, I just really love the idea of a retreat, especially since most retreats rely heavily on the promise of refreshing, restoring, renewing, and refocusing.

Re-words? Yes, please.


Retreat, restore, recover

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The simple, gospel truth about morning rituals and why they’re such an effective way to start your day

Mornings are my jam.

If you’re not a morning person, you’re probably rolling your eyes right about now. Don’t hate me. It’s how I was made, just like you were made to get your mojo on around 4:30 in the afternoon (yawn). I’ve always been this way.

Even when my babies kept me awake all night, I still loved mornings; who can resist the snuggly bed-headed toddler lugging his bedraggled bunny? Not me.

Mornings are a chance for a fresh start.

If you read this blog regularly, or follow me online, the you know I have this thing about the prefix re-, which means, “again, back, once more.” There’s a word in the Hebrew that express it beautifully: shuwb. It means to return, restore, refresh, repair.

We serve a “Re- God!” His mercies are new every morning. “Return,” He says, “I will restore.” With God, every day is a do-over.

Morning person or not, we all have to face a new day, every single day. The question is, how?  

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