How to not feel bad about being in a rut

Stuck in a rut

Sign seen along an Alaskan highway:

Choose your rut carefully… You’ll be in it for the next 150 miles

Stuck in a rut


I’m not even going to ask if you’ve been in a rut lately, because, helloooo, Covid.

How are you coping, friend? I keep thinking about a line from an old Mel Gibson movie, when someone asked him how he was doing after his wife died, he replied, “It’s just breathe, breathe, breathe all day long.”

Amen. You, too?

The ruts have become deep around my household and not just because of the pandemic. In the past four years we experienced a catastrophic health event, (my husband’s pulmonary embolism) prolonged pain and immobility, (my husband’s arthritic hip) surgery and recovery, resulting emotional and financial challenges and now the isolation and results of covid.

Then there’s the ongoing political rancor, racial tension and overall, “I don’t even recognize my country anymore,” angst.


(Feel your anxiety rising? Inhale. Hold four counts, exhale through your mouth seven counts. You’re welcome.)


And breathe


Enter the coping mechanism of the rut

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