Help! I’m having an identity crisis

Does anybody know what an identity crisis feels like? (asking for a friend)


This morning’s brief conversation with a friend confirmed what I was already thinking. I answered her call and told her I couldn’t talk because it was blog day. She asked what I was writing about and I said, “Identity.” Without skipping a beat, she asked, “Which one of your identities are you writing about?”

Ha, ha, ha; verrry funny, Karen. And So. Spot. On.

Have you ever had an identity crisis?

Seriously, though, I have spent a lot of time thinking about identity lately. Sometimes it feels like I’m still that overweight teenager, struggling to fit in. Identity comes from a root word that means “sameness.” I guess that makes sense, because I’ve always wanted to fit in, but then again, I’ve spent a lifetime trying to stand out. Or to avoid standing out. It’s complicated.

As an adolescent I did stand out, but not in the way I wanted to.

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