There’s got to be a morning after

The morning after… Jesus has finally come…

Now what?

After all the waiting and all the wondering; the weariness and worry of months of pregnancy, the baby finally arrives. He’s here. Now the REAL journey begins, caring for the love of your life.

I remember the wait and the weight of the babies I carried within me. Oh, how I longed to be relieved of both! Little did I know that although the wait would eventually be over, the weight would continue. 

Not physical weight (although at times it feels that way) but the emotional weight.


The weight of responsibility. The weight of love.


You carry the weight of your child and you wait. Then they're here. Now what?


Caring for that precious child I’d been given was heavy! Heavier than the weight of the pregnancy. 

Mom told me that once I had children there would never, EVER be a moment when I wasn’t thinking about them; it might be in the back of my mind but the weight of their presence would be with me always. I laughed, didn’t believe it, but they turned out to be the truest words she ever spoke. The physical umbilical cord is cut but there’s an invisible cord that connects us forever. 


Boy, you’re gonna’ carry that weight, carry that weight a long time. 


Now I carry it for my grandchildren as well. 

Simeon told Mary that her child would rend her heart, that a sword would pierce her very soul. A similar sword pierces my heart daily. I would bleed to death from the wounds except for Jesus. Because HE was pierced, I can live with the weight. Because HE endured the sword and came to live inside me, I can endure. 




There is never a minute that I am not aware of my children and there is never a minute that I am not aware of Him. Even when I ignore Him, He makes His presence known. He is IN me. I feel the weight of Him, His glory, the KAVOD of His presence fills me. His weight grounds me even as it lifts me up. 

I carry Him within me and He carries me. I transfer the weight and care of my offspring to Him. 

The cord between us cannot be broken.


Morning after morning, after morning. 


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