Open to the Light – a prompt and a prayer

In the online world, this is the time of year when prompts proliferate. Prompts about achieving your goals, creativity prompts, journaling prompts, prayer prompts, writing prompts. They’re meant to help us restart the dead batteries of our willpower, refuel our imagination, and re-inspire our hearts.

Usually, I’m all in, especially with the writing prompts. Anything to get these stiff fingers flying across my dusty keyboard.




So, I signed up for the first writing prompt challenge I came across and then “promptly” got stuck on day two.

The word prompt for that day was “light,” a word I’d carried around in my heart, studied and written and spoken about many times before, so it was odd that I felt so much resistance to write about it now.

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The Truth About New Beginnings and How Transition Can Make or Break You

Spring is a time of new beginnings

New Beginnings

Spring comes early in North Carolina. For weeks now we’ve been saying, “Spring is in the air.” According to the calendar it’s officially here as of today but my sinuses don’t need the reminder. Allergies seem to ride the coattails of seasonal transition.

We equate spring with new beginnings and why wouldn’t we after a long, cold winter? Trees bloom, birds sing like they’re rehearsing for a spring musical and the air swells with hope (and pollen. LOTS of pollen. ACHOO!) We live for new beginnings but with every new beginning we have to live through a pesky period of transition.


Change is easy. It’s the transition that’s hard. Click To Tweet


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