My secret anti-aging discovery

It’s not that I’m ANTI-anti-aging products; I just haven’t found many that deliver on their promises. And how come she still looks good but when I use a charcoal mask I look like a gorilla?

Facial masks - what are we hiding?

The Anti-Aging industry is replete with advertisements containing Re-words; ads offering hope that you really can turn back the clock (just click here and enter your VISA#)

The promises these products make are seductive, aren’t they?

  • Repair your wrinkles
  • Restore your youthful looks
  • Reduce your age spots

Remember what the prefix “Re-” means? Again… back… once more.

Oh, to have that dewy fresh complexion again, to have my collagen back, to once more experience the glow of youth. Sigh.

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